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2014-04-07 06:47 pm
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Ten_Fwd Application

Your name or online alias: Li
Your email: trelali at gmail dot com
Another preferred means of contact: This Contact Post or AIM at s4ndb0xg1rl
Character's Full Name: Captain Stephanie Grace Rogers
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] therighttime
What would you like your character's tag to be?: cpt steph rogers

In 800+ words, tell us...
Is this character an OC or AU set in a canon world? If so, which canon?:
Steph is a genderbent Captain America. Her world is essentially identical to Steve's, in terms of general history, but there will be some changes in additional characters, friends she had and people she noticed that Steve didn't encounter, and vice versa. Her version of the 21st century has some unique differences, too, due in large part to the patriotic hero of World War II being a lady.

Character's background (their past and present, including applicable events in other games you may have played them in):
Life hasn't been entirely easy for Steph, but then it rarely is for anyone, is it? Still. After her father was killed overseas during the Great War, Sarah Rogers raised her daughter all on her own. Being somewhat sickly as a child, Steph had a lot of exposure to her mother's abilities as a nurse and her gentle bedside manner. Between that, and her mother's slow death to pneumonia, no one was surprised when Steph enrolled in nursing school and spent the next several years trying to graduate. Difficult to manage when every visit to a sick wards leads to a fever at home.

Steph was "discovered" while exploring the Stark Expo with her childhood pal, Bucky. That discovery led to being chosen as the next in a long line of experimentation to create a team of Super Soldiers. If the experiment was successful, they'd try it on a soldier.

Unfortunately, after Steph's success, the serum was lost. And Steph? Was all the military got. She spent the rest of World War II proving that serum wasn't a waste.

After sinking a plane into the Arctic and effectively ending her life, the last thing Steph expected was to wake up in the 21st century.

Stark Tower really is the ugliest building she's ever seen.

Character's personality:
Sassy. That's a big chunk of it right there. Steph is extremely intelligent and has a dry sense of humor (though she can be prone to pranks, with the right friends) but her defining characteristics are stubbornness and loyalty.

She doesn't let her temper out much, but when she does, it can be wicked.

Character's skills/abilities/powers:
Enhanced strength, endurance, healing abilities: basically, anything you can do, she can do better. Steph can do anything better than you.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.:
Luckily, Steph managed to snag her shield on the way out, if only because I can't imagine her without it. The shield is made of solid vibranium, stronger than steel and weighs only one third as much. It is completely vibration-absorbent. Steph tends to use it for things such as stopping Thor's hammer, breaking down walls, and playing pinball, with her shield as the ball and members of HYDRA as the pins.

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them?
I want to play this character everywhere I can. She's fascinating and fun and a good excuse to dive into history and play around with gender politics. My plans for this character pretty much revolve around discovering who she is, throwing her into different situations to see what happens.

What is your character's greatest flaw?
Steph doesn't always know when to call it quits - in fact, she'd insist that sometimes there's no such thing as 'quit.' It can manifest itself in ways that resemble self-destructive tendencies, though she's not often reckless, and certainly never with anyone's life but her own.

Describe your character's family (whether family by blood or by choice). How does your character feel about them? What did your character learn from them?

What hobbies does your character have?

Your character wakes up in the middle of the night in panic from a nightmare. What was the nightmare?

Writing Sample #1:
Writing Sample #2 (optional):
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2014-04-07 06:44 pm

Contact Post

Need to get hold of Steph's mun? Leave a message!
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2013-10-20 01:00 pm


Steph is glad, on a daily basis, for how well-made her flak jacket is. Even if it's really too hot for it in summer woods of Colorado, there's plenty of pockets and a bandoleer that keeps the radio close to her jaw.

Which will make it easier to call in for back up, if whatever's causing all the ruckus on Babs' screen ever decides to show up.

In the meantime, it's a hell of a lot easier to take a hike through tumbled stone and beds of pine needles than it is to tromp through the Italian forest during rain, sleet, and stone.

Even if she'd prefer company in either locale.
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2013-04-28 04:45 pm


by boombangbing AO3: Holding Pattern

The first couple of weeks of Steve's relationship with Tony and Pepper leave him in a strange in-between state. Which consequently leaves him increasingly frustrated.

“Welcome to the future,” Pepper says.

“This is not what Buck Rogers promised us,” he mutters.

“To be fair, that was set in the 2400s."

(Also, Isaac Asimov's parents owned a candy shop in Brooklyn.)
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2013-04-26 07:07 pm
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by Odsbodkins (AO3): The Art of Trolling

Since everyone thinks they can ask all kinds of intrusive questions about Captain America, it’s Bucky’s duty to troll the hell out of them.

“Steve, most of what we actually did during the war is either boring or too damn violent for what people want to think about Captain America. People would prefer you killing dinosaurs to you killing people. Why not have fun with it?”
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2013-04-24 07:23 pm


by NorthAtlantic (AO3): It Will Probably Accelerate

So the working title of this was variously 'mixtape,' 'how steve rogers got his groove back' and 'oh my god quit thinking of things to add.' Steve's perspective of the assembly of the Avengers after the dust has settled and the rebuilding begins.
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2013-04-24 07:13 pm


by NorthAtlantic (AO3): Show Us the Maps

Not a lot makes sense to Bucky any more after the rescue of the 107th, least of all Steve. Apparently, miracles don't come with explanations and they don't have to be earned but Bucky tries to deserve his anyway. More a series of vignettes than a plot.

“Don’t bother with that,” Steve says brusquely as Falsworth goes for a syrette of morphine. “Won’t work, none of it does. Just get it out.”
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2012-11-29 11:35 am
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AU Milliways: 2012 Captain

The sun is shining, the grass is green, the lake is a gorgeous glittering blue...

And Steph is in the bar, curled up in a chair with a sketch book and a mug of coffee.

Increased energy aside, not everything changes when you grew up a sick, skinny kid in the city.
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2012-09-27 09:56 pm

AU Milliways

The door opens from one pub to the next. A rosy-tinted, warm little English pub filled to the brim with uniformed soldiers and local girls, crowing and laughing and being alive, really feeling it for the first time in longer than any of them would like to admit.

The woman who is leaving that particular pub is tall - very tall, inches over six feet - shapely in her 1940s olive dress uniform. Her make-up is fresh, her tie in perfect order, her hair is even curled in classic victory rolls (it took three showgirls three hours to make it happen, but they're all used to it by now).

Stephanie Rogers is grinning, flush-faced and filled with joy as she waves to a dark-haired soldier at the bar and steps purposefully into -- another bar.

She recognizes a shift, a difference immediately, and keeps one hand on the knob even as she frowns thoughtfully at the room around her.